Saturday, March 10, 2012

Solar Flares

Has anyone been lucky enough to see any Northern Lights yet?  It's been a bit cloudy in the evenings here, so any charged ion particles (I love Professor Brian Cox) have been hidden from view.

However, the solar activity has spread to my work-table!  I was asked to make some Sunburst Earrings for my sister-in-law after she saw the green and purple ones on Folksy.  She wanted red ones, and guess who didn't have enough red seed beads?  So.  Where could I find red seed beads before sis-in-law went home to Scotland?  My local pound shop came up trumps once again.  A multi-strand beaded bracelet had three strands of red seed beads mixed in with some larger plastic discs - saved!  Duly purchased, cut up and re-threaded.  I hope she likes them!

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