Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, wrap up ....

..... in my latest completed creation.  The weather has finally allowed me to take my fully charged camera outside to take some pics, at long last.

This chunky crochet scarf worked up so quickly, I have another two awaiting end-weaving (boo) and fringe-knotting (hooray) before I can snap away at those, too.  I love the depth and softness of this scarf, which is warm without being too bulky.  I saw a beautiful scarf on which inspired me to create this:  I'd been itching to use my new 10mm crochet hook!

Of course, we are all waiting for Spring and the chance to leave the woolly scarves at home - but you never know in this country!  You can buy this scarf from my Folksy shop,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

And so to college ....

After a two-week break, I'm back at college.  The (non-craft related) course I'm doing requires me to do additional skills practice outside the college (ie. out in the big wide world), and so far, so good.  But hang on - if I'm practising skills, writing essays, preparing presentations and case studies and attending college for a full day each week, when do I get to do my crafting?

Note my priorities - 'crafting', not 'housework', 'gardening', or 'exercise' ........... and I'm quite comfortable with that!

More photos to follow, maybe tomorrow :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Back home, duly refreshed ....

.... from a few days away in Cornwall and boy, was it cold!  Lots of lunches out, visits to coffee shops, and a trip to a local market that had a weekend antiques and vintage fair (bliss).  I bought a gorgeous vintage coat, which I was slightly perturbed to hear was a genuine 1970's label.  1970s, vintage?  What does that make me?  Veteran?  Antique?  Archaic?  Prehistoric?  Perhaps I'll begin referring to myself as a genuine 1960s model, one careful owner ........

As previously mentioned, I've now finished my crochet handbag, and I'm really pleased with the result.

This was made from a couple of balls of chunky wool I picked up in a local charity shop.  The flower is actually a fabric table decoration, one of six from another charity shop.  The bag is lined with new, cream cotton fabric I had left over from lining some curtains, so it's a real recycled beauty!  I think it will be appearing shortly in my Folksy shop, Little Owls.

And did I get any inspiration from my break-ette in Cornwall?  Oh, yes - you will see the results over the coming weeks.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holiday Time

Off to Cornwall for a few days to stay with my mum in her cottage - I usually get overloaded with inspiration whenever I go away, anywhere!  I'm taking some yarn and a giant crochet hook so I can finish a chunky scarf I started yesterday.  Although I do know of a wonderful wool shop in the nearby town where I can happily spend an hour or so ..........

For a couple of days we will be 'ladies who lunch' (and then sleep it off in the conservatory). I'm planning at least one beach walk with my dog, so maybe I should take one of these?

If you are planning (or even already enjoying) a half-term mini-break, I hope you have a restful and inspirational time, and come back buzzing with ideas and motivation for the spring.  I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Granny? Boho!

A good day for taking photos yesterday - if my camera battery had been fully charged, that is!  Grrr - just managed three before realising it wasn't 'plinking' at me like usual.  Oh well.  Here's one of my latest creations, a pretty, boho granny square scarf that took a bit longer to finish than I expected - but I'm pleased with the result.  It's my latest listing in my Folksy shop,

Like the artful arrangement of twigs in the pots in the background?  They aren't dead, they just look it!  I keep looking at the garden and thinking 'it needs a good tidy up' - or a flamethrower.  I think I'll wait until the weather warms up a bit!

Monday, February 13, 2012

To sell, or not to sell?

Well, I know it's been a while since my last post - to be honest, I've been quite busy with Christmas (yes, it has been that long!), college work (exam, assignments, placements) that I've been neglecting my blog.

Motivation has been a bit - well, missing, in the craft department.  However, I've decided it's kick-up-the-bum time, so it's time to let the world know that this blog exists, and to share what I love making.

So.  The camera is charging, the hand-crafted goodies are piling up, so I'm going to have a go at posting some photos - oo-er, missus!

I made this little wooden heart brooch a little while ago - the fabric came from an old blouse I was throwing away (I love to recycle!), and I picked out the centre of each little flower with a silvery peel-off sticker, before varnishing and adding a brooch back.  You can buy this from my Folksy shop, if you fancy a handmade Valentine's gift!