Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's been a while ....

... since I've posted anything here.  To be honest, I've been rather busy with college work, exams, etc., so anything creative has been put to one side for a while.  Plus the weather has been a bit dire, so any opportunities for taking photos to share with you have been limited, to say the least!

Anyway.  I have begun to have a go at some of those fascinating ideas that you see from time to time, and promise yourself you will try - as soon as you have time!  Once I've arranged them artfully and photographed them, I will show you what I've been doing lately.

To keep things ticking over, I have relisted this piece of photo art in my Folksy shop, LittleOwls.  This floral print always cheers me up, it's so bright and sunny.  I also have access to an A3 printer now, so I'm itching to see how this looks as a piece of wall art.  I'm sure Mr Owls would be happy to produce a suitable frame, once I've decided what style I'd like ..................

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