Monday, February 20, 2012

Back home, duly refreshed ....

.... from a few days away in Cornwall and boy, was it cold!  Lots of lunches out, visits to coffee shops, and a trip to a local market that had a weekend antiques and vintage fair (bliss).  I bought a gorgeous vintage coat, which I was slightly perturbed to hear was a genuine 1970's label.  1970s, vintage?  What does that make me?  Veteran?  Antique?  Archaic?  Prehistoric?  Perhaps I'll begin referring to myself as a genuine 1960s model, one careful owner ........

As previously mentioned, I've now finished my crochet handbag, and I'm really pleased with the result.

This was made from a couple of balls of chunky wool I picked up in a local charity shop.  The flower is actually a fabric table decoration, one of six from another charity shop.  The bag is lined with new, cream cotton fabric I had left over from lining some curtains, so it's a real recycled beauty!  I think it will be appearing shortly in my Folksy shop, Little Owls.

And did I get any inspiration from my break-ette in Cornwall?  Oh, yes - you will see the results over the coming weeks.


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    1. Thanks, H (how nice to see someone else who answers to 'H'!) I think there could well be another bag in the not-too-distant future .....